Open Mike Eagle ft. Has-Lo – “Your Back Pack Past”

If you have grown out of Gang Starr and Wu-Tang this is not for you.  If you like to make fun of those changes in Hip Hop culture, this is.  Open Mike Eagle and Has-Lo do a great commentary on the industry and what it has become about.  They also are making fun of the guy trying to do it all Madonna style to get big or even be relevant part of it.  “Your Back Pack Past” is definitely worth the listen.  4NML HSPTL is good and underrated and under the radar.  Enjoy.

Open Mike Eagle ft. Danny Brown – “Cobra Commander”

Open Mike Eagle and Danny Brown are two of my favorite emcees. I am extremely happy that these two have worked together.  Surprised? Yes.  But, very pleased. I do wish this song was 10 minutes longer.  They each have one verse which leaves everyone just wanting more.  Danny Brown delivers a herky- jerky, slightly tame verse compared to what he has been known to do.  Mike does what has made him one of my favorites, he’s clever, political, and cool.  “So all the free thinkers can all your hands up!”  It’s gloomy and sort of  “Doomsday-ish” The synth laced and heavily layered pounding beat is a suitable content of the track  and who these rappers are.  Again, just upset by the length of the song and hope this is a preview of future things with these 2.   4NML HSPTL LP will be out June 26th.  Pre-order here. Here is “Cobra Commander”.  Enjoy