Interview with Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox

Interview with Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox

We are extremely excited to get a chance to talk to hip hop legend, Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox.  When I think about albums and artists who changed the trajectory of what I listen to, Cold Vein by Cannibal Ox is very high on my list of pivotal albums. Enjoy.

  1. I have heard you talk about being influential to other artists and they continue to credit you for inspiring them. Which rappers influenced you back when you were starting and are there current artists that influence you now?

I Loved All The Classic Artist of My Youth, Tribe Called Quest, NWA, Public Enemy, EPMD, Brand Nubian. Today I Like J-Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus & Flatbush Zombies.

2.  If someone is coming to Harlem, or NYC in general can you give us a Comic Book Shop, Record Store, and Restaurant we have to visit while there?

Go To Midtown Comics In Midtown Manhattan & Go Get A Sandwich From Kats Deli In Down Town NYC!

3. What was your relationship with MF DOOM, He was featured on Look Mom…No Hands and Blade of the Ronin, did the relationship go deeper than that? 

REST IN PARADISE DOOM My Good Brother. We Have A Handful of Songs & Remixes Through The Years. He Was A Funny Dude And Was Very Wise. We Had Some Great Times At Show Cases And Tours. Look Out For My Limited Vinyl Re-Release of ‘Da Supafriendz’. After We Did ‘Iron Rose’ On ‘Blade of the Ronin’ We Spoke About Doing A Project But Never Organized And Got It Done. Until We Meet Again I’m Going To Rep His Legacy. From The UK…To NYC To ATL And Back!

4. As a fan of comic books and superheroes, you once described Can Ox as “Two great mutants that come from the X-Men First Class”. I’m going to give a few names of superheroes and I’d like you to use your expertise on the subject to assign a rapper to the hero and why? There are thousands of emcees throughout the world, your voice, cadence, and delivery are so unique and distinct. Others are unique too. Do your best.

The Flash (Speed) – Busta Rhymes For Speed & Strength

Spiderman (Flexible,Nerdy) – Lupe Fiasco With His Playful Wise Flow!

Wolverine (Resilient,Brooding) – M.O.P Are Both As Raw And Hard.

Wonder Women (Elite) – MC Lyte Forever

Hulk (Smart, Powerful) – Red Man Is A Crazy Hulk

Who would you be if you can be any hero? VAST MAN & GOBLIN (BATMAN & ROBIN) IS CANNIBAL OX

5. For some fun, we like to do a word association game during these interviews. Answer these prompts with whatever comes to mind. 

Pokémon – The Future Mickey Mouse

The Matrix Movie Series – Prophecy of Our Advancement On Technology

Skydiving – Flying Downward

WWE (Professional Wrestling) – The Best Ever In The Biz.

Aesop Rock – Old Friend of Mine

NY Knicks – One of My Favorite Teams From Childhood

Cannibal Ox – Raw Rap In 3-D, We Note Faces Threw The Screen.

 6. What is on the horizon for Vast Aire? Projects, goals, what is next?

Working On New Cannibal Ox Record, And I Have A New Single Out Right Now Called ‘ Good Fuel’ My Instagram/Twitter Is @VASTAIRE2090 Add To Me To Stay Updated On Music & Tours.

This interview was a huge honor. I highly recommend Cold Vein as it changed my music listening life. I also recommend Look Mom…No Hands, and Blade of the Ronin. I thank Vast Aire for being so generous with his time. For heads who know, this dude is so incredibly unique with his delivery and voice. He is super influential to the new generation emcees, especially in NYC.  When this was in the works I was telling anyone who would listen about it. I was genuinely excited and just being a fan.  When someone is considered legendary and then is willing to take time to do an interview with a small zine/record label, you feel happy. I’m human. Listen, support, and follow Vast Aire in all his ventures. Hope you found this interview enlightening and fun. On to the next one…

Here is my favorite all-time Can Ox song.

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