Florence + The Machine – MTV Unplugged

I honestly have not watched MTV in about 5 years. I think it is a sign of getting older and more mature. Or it might be that I don’t like watching train-wrecks, teen pregnancies, fist pumping, or Carson Daly(In my brain TRL still exists and this stroke still hosts it). But, I have always had a lot of respect for the Unplugged series.  Here is Florence + The Machine effortlessly performing a beautiful show. When you hear Florence Welch or Adele sing it’s just so easy for them. It is refreshing to see.  Compare this type of live singing to someone with hype behind them i.e. Lana Del Rey. Click the picture and enjoy.

My Take on Lana Del Rey

Love her or hate her, she is going to be around for a little while longer. I am writing this so you never have to waste your time listening to anything else she had made besides these three tracks.

The first thing you will notice is that she is very pretty.  She seems to have been bitten by something on her lips. But, pretty. She gives off this classic actress/old Hollywood vibe that really works for her.

Secondly, you will find that the videos all put you in a gloomy mood.  Everything is set to be emotional and highly pensive. These videos are sad stories of heartbreak, death, train-wreck-ness, and alligators (or crocodiles I don’t know the difference and if you do, screw you, snob).   The tracks that work on her album are the ones that are about human emotions and actual feelings.  The other tracks that try to be silly or playful absolutely flop and are even less believable than the ones that claim that she “grew up on hip hop”.  Which I find hard to believe.

Finally, you will see that this an image. This seems manufactured. This is the knock on her.  Critics of Lana Del Rey (or Lizzy Grant) say that her persona is fake, her lips are fake, and her songs are overproduced and fake. But, I would argue that this is the case for many many artist. No? Yes? Yes.  So, the bottom line is, who cares? She has few tracks that are extremely catchy and who cares about your moral standing and ultimate “realness”? No one. You need to try and get off of your high horse.

Also, it is ok to find pop music catchy. Listen to a Rihanna song and tell me you hate it. You can’t, unless of course, you are a liar.

Here are the only three songs you should listen to by Lana Del Rey. Enjoy

“Blue Jeans”

“Born To Die”

“Video Games”