End of Year Review 2010

2010 Year Music Review

Once again I have decided to make a list of my favorite stuff from this year.  Hopefully this will be useful for you. I love you…all

Top 15 Albums:

  1. Beach House –Teen Dream
  2. Local Natives –Gorilla Manor
  3. The Roots –How I Got Over
  4. Yeasayer –Odd Blood
  5. Arcade Fire –The Suburbs
  6. Sleigh Bells –Treats
  7. Shad-TSOL
  8. Kanye West –My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
  9. Broken Bells –Broken Bells
  10. Vampire Weekend –Contra
  11. Blu(e) –Her Favorite Colo(u)r
  12. Reflection Eternal –Revolutions Per Minute
  13. Foals –Total Life Forever
  14. Black Keys –Brothers
  15. Best Coast –Crazy For You


Beach House- Teen Dream gets the top spot for 2010.   Teen Dream is a perfect album start to finish.  They aren’t extravagant, 20 piece, orchestral backed epics, like some bands like to do.  They are simple songs.  It is a collection of simple, well-crafted pop music.  Please take my word and listen to this album.


Top 40 Songs:

  1. Beach House – “Norway”
  2. Local Natives – “Sun Hands”
  3. Arcade Fire – “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”
  4. Beach House – “Lover of Mine”
  5. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Round and Round”
  6. Shad – “Yaa I Get It”
  7. Local Natives – “Airplanes”
  8. Gayngs – “The Gaudy Side of Town”
  9. Best Coast – “When I’m With You”
  10. Black Keys – “Tighten Up”
  11. Beach House – “Zebra”
  12. The Roots – “Dear God 2.0”
  13. Yeasayer – “Ambling Alp”
  14. Reflection Eternal – “Strangers”
  15. Sleigh Bells – “Rill Rill”
  16. Kanye West – “So Appalled”
  17. Sleigh Bells – “Crown on the Ground”
  18. Kanye West – “Gorgeous”
  19. Yeasayer – “O.N.E.
  20. Jaill – “That’s How We Burn”
  21. Blu – “Amnesia”
  22. Vampire Weekend – “Horchata”
  23. Shad – “Rose Garden”
  24. Blu – “Vanity”
  25. Broken Bells – “Vaporize”
  26. Beach House – “Ten Mile Stereo”
  27. Best Coast – “Boyfriend”
  28. MGMT – “Flash Delirium”
  29. Matt & Kim – “Block After Block”
  30. Gorillaz – “Stylo”
  31. Arcade Fire – “We Used To Wait”
  32. Matt & Kim – “Cameras”
  33. The Roots – “Right On”
  34. Broken Bells – The High Road”
  35. Vampire Weekend – “Cousins”
  36. Foals – “Blue Blood”
  37. Beach House – “Real Love”
  38. The Roots – “Walk Alone”
  39. Hot Chip – “I Feel Better”
  40. The Radio Dept. – “Heaven’s On Fire”

Biggest Pleasant Surprises:

Sleigh Bells – Treats

Local Native – Gorilla Manor

Beach House – Teen Dream

Biggest Disappoint(s):

MGMT – Congratulations

Menomena – Mines

Hot Chip – One Life Stand

Gorillaz- Plastic Beach

Spoon – Transference


Albums that didn’t come out in 2010 but I listened to a lot:

Wild Beasts – Twin Dancers (2009)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz (2009)

Overrated Albums:

Titus Andronicus: The Monitor

The Morning Benders- Big Echo

Wavves – King of the Beach


Albums to look forward to in 2011 with fingers crossed:

The Decemberists – The King is Dead

Lupe Fiasco- Lasers

Santigold – TBA

The Strokes – TBA

Lykke Li- TBA

Dr. Dre.-Detox…another year has passed without this coming out. I won’t hold my breath.

Hopefully this message finds you well.  This year it was hard to list a top 15 albums, but it was really easy to come up with 40 great tracks.  I guess that is a sign of the times where singles are more prominent than albums.  Damn this ADD-iTunes-Technology obsessed world… which I am totally guilty of falling into.  Well, last year when I did this people suggested a bunch of music in the thread.  It would be cool to do that again.  I don’t get a chance to listen to everything out there.  If I made some omissions please help me out.   Put your own list together and we can share, and be friends.  Best friends.  Together in harmony… forever.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with prosperity and happiness.

Your friend and colleague,

Bojan Jovanovic