Open Mike Eagle on KEXP

Open Mike Eagle has been featured on here before. This is an incredible performance and makes me endorse him and love him even more. The conversation is even worth watching. If you have never watched any of the KEXP, watch the others. Mac DeMarco, Local Natives, and Spoon are all great. Enjoy.

Outkast’s Top 20 Songs

To celebrate Outkast’s 20th anniversary, I have decided to do my Top 20 Outkast songs of all time. Andre 3000 and Big Boi are one of the most creative, influential, and compelling hip-hop artists of all time and I think that it is fitting to commemorate their impact with some jawns. After doing this list I realized that one album is represented more than the others and that is ok. I also forgot how good their videos are (not every song has an official video with it).

Again, this is my list and you can definitely disagree and add your favorites.

These Youtube links could possibly break soon so listen and enjoy now. Or just copy the list and look it up links later. Or buy these albums and quit being cheap. I’m not the boss of you, do your thing. I don’t even care. Enjoy.

20. “Ms. Jackson”

19. “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik”

18. “Hey Ya”

17. “Ain’t No Thang”

16. “Spread”

15. “B.O.B.”

14. Return of the ‘G’”

13. “Rosa Parks”

12. “GhettoMusick”

11. “So Fresh, So Clean”

10. “The Whole World” ft. Killer Mike

9. “Chonkyfire”

8. “Skew It On the Bar-B” ft. Raekwon

7. “Roses”

6. “Da Art of Storytellin’ (Pt. 2)”

5. “Elevators (Me & You)”

4. “Da Art of Storytellin’ (Pt. 1)”

3. “Aquemini”

2. “ATLiens”

1. “SpottieOttieDopaliscious”

JJ Doom – “Guv’nor” (Video)

Mentioned this release a while back and it is now it’s here. I just got Key to the Kuffs a couple of days ago, I can’t give a full review of the release just yet, but here is a video treatment for a highlight “Guv’nor”.  Cool video, good song.  The Villain is a unique brand of hip hop. If you are a DOOM fan, you will like this. If you have never listened to him before, try Madvillainy first. It’s better.  Jneiro Jarel is the best producer out that you’ve never heard of.  Enjoy.

Killer Mike -“Untitled” (Video)

Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music has been a highlight for RAP Music this year.(Sorry for the easy wordplay) “Untitled” is a stand out track and has one of my favorite opening verses on any song ever. “You, you, you, you you…” El-P’s boom bap thumping production suits this track more than any other on the entire LP. It feels natural.

This video has imagery of Mike as a revolutionary, killer, dictator, and victim.  A highlight for me is El-P rolling himself out of his lab or bed to hold Mike’s head on a platter. I love this song so much that I didn’t need any sort of video treatment to enjoy it but it’s cool.  “I’m only going once, a coward dies a thousand times.” Perfect. Enjoy.


Open Mike Eagle ft. Has-Lo – “Your Back Pack Past”

If you have grown out of Gang Starr and Wu-Tang this is not for you.  If you like to make fun of those changes in Hip Hop culture, this is.  Open Mike Eagle and Has-Lo do a great commentary on the industry and what it has become about.  They also are making fun of the guy trying to do it all Madonna style to get big or even be relevant part of it.  “Your Back Pack Past” is definitely worth the listen.  4NML HSPTL is good and underrated and under the radar.  Enjoy.

Joey BadA$$ – “Waves”

I am shocked that this kid is only 17. He is very good. This is a nice summer track and he shows off some of his best lines. I love the beat. Joey BadA$$ is not running away from his youth.  Skateboarding around, hanging out with friends, and the always gangster walking around your high school.  I love that he owns it. This is “Waves” of the very good 1999. Enjoy.

Throwback Thursday – May 31st, 2012 Wu-Tang Clan – “Triumph”

Well back to acting like I was a cool kid.  I remember watching “Triumph” on MTV and thinking about the cool special effects with the bees.  I remember loving the Rod Strickland shout out.  I remember thinking the delivery on Rza’s verse was weird.  I didn’t know about Wu-Tang at the time.  I was green.  This has grown to be my favorite track by the collective. Also, I think it is the best posse track ever.

“I bomb atomically, Socrates’ philosophies and hypothesis can’t define how I be droppin’ these mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery, flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me.” – Inspectah Deck-

Possibly the best openings ever. I would love to hear some other suggestions for Throwback Thursday track.   This is one of the few well known classic Wu-Tang tracks that wasn’t on 36 Chambers.  Enjoy.