Throwback Thursday – June 7th, 2012 Busta Rhymes – “Woo Hah! (Got You All In Check)”

All this talk about Danny Brown makes me think of Busta Rhymes.  When Busta came out he was so different from everyone else that it made sense he became popular in the MTV generation.  I remember thinking this was some sort of gimmick(which it kind of was).  The video for “Woo Hah!” and  “Dangerous” were so off-the-wall weird that it actually changed the way videos were done.  This was sandwiched in between Biggie’s -“Big Poppa ” and Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin”.  I give Busta a lot of credit for being different. Enjoy.

“I make sure everything we make’s raw!”

Limp Bizkit – “Nookie” Throwback Thursday May 17th, 2012

Last week I kicked off this project with Outkast – “ATLiens” .  I was very proud that I listened to “good” music when I was young.  I would love to be able to tell everyone that I only listened to quality stuff. Which is not true. I look back at some of the money I wasted on shitty nu-metal or rap records and just shake my head.  Though bad in hindsight, this music still influenced me and I refuse to run away from it.  You also can’t just brush this ear-shattering musical buffoonery under a giant rug. Every like bad music at some point. I am comfortable enough to share that I knew every word to this gem.  I think if I tried, I could still get through quite a bit of this song today without messing up.  This should take you back to a time that you rushed home (or as fast as you could run wearing Jnco’s), made a snack, and sat down to watch TRL to see who was going to be #1.  This week’s Throwback Thursday song is Limp Bizkit’s – “Nookie” . Enjoy.

Florence + The Machine – MTV Unplugged

I honestly have not watched MTV in about 5 years. I think it is a sign of getting older and more mature. Or it might be that I don’t like watching train-wrecks, teen pregnancies, fist pumping, or Carson Daly(In my brain TRL still exists and this stroke still hosts it). But, I have always had a lot of respect for the Unplugged series.  Here is Florence + The Machine effortlessly performing a beautiful show. When you hear Florence Welch or Adele sing it’s just so easy for them. It is refreshing to see.  Compare this type of live singing to someone with hype behind them i.e. Lana Del Rey. Click the picture and enjoy.