Lionel Messi – G.O.A.T.?

Lionel Messi just scored 5 goals in a Champions League game against Leverkusen.  The first to ever do it.  Which gives him 12 goals in 7 games. It was also his 17th career hat-trick. Stunning.  I know it isn’t against the best competition. But, it got me thinking. Is Messi the greatest soccer player of all time?  I have been watching soccer my entire life and have seen some greats.  You can only really compare him to other offensive juggernauts.  Inzaghi, Henry, Bastistuta, Romario, Drogba, Del Piero, Ronaldo and Ronaldo to name a few of the best (scorers) I have ever watched. I know people will argue that Pele and Maradona were better, but that wasn’t my generation.  I know Christiano Ronaldo is always compared to Messi, however if you watch a few games of each player, you will know instantly that they are different. Ronaldo is dangerous because he is long, athletic and gets “tackled” a lot.  His danger is creating chances and set pieces because of fouls committed on him.  However, he is not dangerous from every spot on the field. Messi would run into a brick wall just to get a toe on the ball.  That is what makes him so good.  His touch, speed, and creativity is unmatched, but his energy separates him from other players.  Messi is truly an unbelievable talent, this is undeniable  but is he the Greatest of All Time?

5 Goals in one game… Here they are.


  1. Definitely the best ever, IMO. He certainly get loads of help from some of the best pure midfielders ever, i.e. Xavi and Iniesta…..Dare I say Fabregas?

    1. I agree those guys really do create so much. I think Fabregas doesn’t get enough respect. I’ve always liked his game. He is a very good midfielder. Xavi and Iniesta are on different levels though. So good and consistent. I don’t know if I have ever seen them have a “bad” game.

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