The NBA’s Biggest Problem: Brandon Jennings

I thought it would be a great idea to address a growing problem that will eventually end in a horrible future NBA.  What am I talking about?  Brandon Jennings.









Yes, Brandon Jennings. But, not just Mr.  “Young Money”.  It is the entire league’s feelings and perception of free agency has changed and is a problem. Brandon Jennings is just a great example of this cancerous issue.  Look around the league and try and pick which teams are “good”.  Now think about how many can win the championship?  Now think about how many you would like to go see live (pay the $50-150 to sit and watch)?  You will be hard pressed to come up with many teams.  As Charles Barkley always likes to point out, the league is bad.

The problem with the league is the new player driven free agency.

The reason I mention this particular player is because Brandon Jennings has requested a bigger market. Brandon Jennings. Brandon Jennings! Come on!  He is not featured on the 2012 top 15 PGS in the NBA according the Bleacher Report. (The Bleacher Report is awesome by the way) Not in the top 15 at his own position.  He is currently the second option on a 9th place team in the Eastern Conference. I like Jennings but he is not a star player. Be thankful for your Under Armour endorsement dude.  I have to say that it’s not all his fault. He is just looking up to stars doing the same thing.

Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Deron Williams, and Chris Bosh have all set terrible examples.

During the Miami Heatles bullshit people were appalled by those 3 guys and LeBron’s Decision. They were mad at what he and they did. They were mad at Chris Bosh for following a star. They were mad at D. Wade for pulling one over on his hometown Bulls.  However, they did not realize what that plan did for other free agents and star players in general.  Players now think they are entitled to endorsements and big markets.










( I tried to find the worst Photo-shopped picture)

Look around at the teams that sellout their gyms. Look at the teams that are always involved in high profile trades or free agent signings. They are all the same. It is rare to see a team from a small market consistently do well.  The problem is player driven free agency.

There are guys that do it right (Kevin Durant) but I worry that this is a monster that will be hard to kill.  More stars need to shut their mouths, finish their contracts, or just tell their agent to take care of it.












I hope that something can change. The solution might just be contraction.  However, eventually it will not be a choice, it will have to be done.


  1. I agree. There is way too much money being handed out to way too many players that don’t deserve it.

    1. Thanks for the read dude. It’s not a good thing. Joe Johnson is a pretty good example of an 2nd tier guy getting paid huge bucks.

  2. While I actually think Brandon Jennings is a good player, I see what you’re saying. Many people feel the same way about Igudola on the Sixers: good player, not a superstar worth what he’s getting paid.

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