Cleveland Cavaliers w/o LeBron James

I feel bad for them.  When LeBron left, I felt horrible.  They were defiant.  They said they didn’t need LeBron, they did.  They said they will win a Championship before Lebron does, they won’t(I hope they do). They were burning his jersey and tweeting about him being replaceable, he’s not.  They need him and will continue to need him. They whole city needs him.

They got lucky with the #1 pick and got a nice player, Kyrie Irving in a down year for the draft.  I think they can turn it around in a few years. A couple good drafts and the development of Omri Casspi will do the trick.

This story is all you need to know about the Cavaliers.  It is sad. They currently have 7 players with D-League experience. Ouch. Their roster is filled with, “Who?” guys.  On the bright side, Luke Haragody is doing well. Enjoy.






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