Beach House – Bloom (Stream)

I have been trying really hard not to hear the leak of Bloom that happened about 2 months ago.  It was hard to do.  It was worth the wait.  It comes out tomorrow but here is the full stream via NPR.  I have listened to it about 4 times already.  It is really really good. I love the new progression that they have showed on it.  I have always been a fan and think they have taken the next step.  It’s not the same as Teen Dream but it is not too different either.  The perfect amount of different.   Their personality is there. “Lazuli” and “Myth” are standouts.  I wasn’t worried about this one being a dud.  It’s very enjoyable. Album of the Year Candidate.  Enjoy.



    1. Yes yes yes! All 4 projects are great. Teen Dream and Bloom are my favorites. They really came into their prime. I will definitely read your piece. Thanks.

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