Why the NBA Draft Lottery Won’t Fix The Charlotte Bobcats










The Charlotte Bobcats just completed the worst season of all time. They had a .106 winning percentage and went 7-59.  Bad. Really bad. The most concerning thing is that they don’t really have much young talent. They have not drafted well.  They have not made good moves in free agency.  Gerald Henderson was their leading scorer with 15.9 points. I would argue that he is not a star player. He is really not a guy you build around.  The NBA lottery is coming up tonight and I think this will decide whether or not the Bobcats and M Jeff can ever turn this franchise around.
























Oops Again!

This year’s NBA draft is actually pretty deep.  There are some pieces that a team can get deep into the 2nd round.  The best piece overall is the Kentucky Wildcat uni-browed wonder, Anthony Davis (When mentioning Davis you must mention that thing above his eyes, just under his forehead…you must).  He has been touted as the best player and the sure-fire #1 overall pick.  Davis is the most physically talented player in the draft.  Davis has the most potential to become a NBA superstar.  I think his athleticism and physical build can translate really well into the NBA, eventually.  However, and I hate to say this, he will not fix the Bobcats.

Let me explain.

The Bobcats scored 87.0 points per game, which was good enough for dead last in the NBA.  They were ranked 27th in points allowed at 100.9 per game.  This means they were outscored by 13.9 points per game. Yikes! Here are the worst point differentials of the last five years in yellow. This shows how bad they actually were this season. No other team is even close.


This tells me that they are bad. It also tells me that they can’t score or get stops.  Davis is going to be a great athletic defender.  But, he is not a scorer.   He is 3 to 4 years away from being able to create his own shot at the NBA level.  He really doesn’t even have the same abilities as Blake Griffin.  His offensive game at Kentucky was tips, offensive rebounds, and dunks in transition.

With that being said, I would be happy for the Bobcats if they were to get the #1 pick.  I think Davis is a piece.  But, if they don’t, it is not the end of the world for them.  Because of the deepness of this draft and the option of taking Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Lots of potential.  Does a little of everything. I love this kid), hope is not lost on a lower pick. I think they should stay away from Andre Drummond who I think has major bust potential.  I am also not crazy about Thomas Robinson.  I think he is a classic tweener and they already have Tyrus Thomas.  Similar game, same last name, just not a great fit.  Their thoughts going into the lottery should be on 2015-2016. Not Anthony Davis.  He will help, but is not a 20-10 guy as a rookie.  He is not LeBron or Durant.  Don’t lose stop Bobcat fans…whoever you might be (3 people are going to read this post).

I think the Bobcats are at least 4 to never years away from competing.  Or when Michael Jordan relinquishes control.  Sorry Michael. I still love you…just go golf. Forget all of this noise.

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