Top 25 Rappers Under 25 -Complex Mag (My Take)

My article about: My Life As a Hip Hop Fan coming soon… Here is a taste.  Enjoy.

One of the things I did that made me the ultimate “Hip Hop” fan was that I had a subscription to Complex Magazine.  I loved seeing what Kanye would wear next.  “Holy shit, those glasses don’t have lenses and have been replaced by plastic horizontal lines! Dope!”  I liked that it was geared towards the lifestyle.  I liked that people I listened to were on the cover.

They did a list of the Top 25 Rappers Under 25. Here is the Top 10 with my insightful (or not) comments.  Click on the link below to get the rest.

10. B.O.B. – Weak. Hahaha. I don’t give pop/rappers a lot of credit at all. When he first came onto the scene I was excited for him but he got the taste of what it is like to have some hits ($$$$$$$) so he will never turn back and I don’t blame him.

9. Tyler, the Creator – The worst Twitter follow ever. Pretty good rapper though. I think he and Earl Sweatshirt are really talented young emcees.  I know he is controversial and pretty childish. I don’t mind it. In doses.Worst twitter user ever. Ever.

8. Mac Miller – I don’t like him at all. My 20 year old self would call this whack.  Me now still calls it whack.  I’m not sure why he is this popular. Because he is white?

7. Schoolboy Q – Barely making the list at 25 years old. I am surprised to see him this high. No pun intended.  Not that he is bad, I just didn’t realize he was respected like this.  He is a member of the Black Hippy crew which gives him a leg up on the rest in my book. Though he will never have a better verse on a song than Kendrick Lamar. He might want to stop doing that.

6. Big Sean – Of the limited stuff I have heard, I am not interested. Why listen to him when he can listen to Kanye who is way better? Same delivery and content. He is at an advantage because of good production. No thanks.

5. Wiz Khalifa – He is the “weed” rapper of his generation.  It is really not my thing but I can see what he is popular.  I like his hair.

4. Meek Mill – Party emcee. Not my style. I have never been a big fan of this type of music. Sorry.

3. Kendrick Lamar – It is no surprise that I love this guy. I have written and posted about him several times.  I think that he is the most talented and exciting emcee to come out in a very long time (See Wale).  Section .80 was chalked full of standout tracks but did have a couple of duds. I am excited for his proper release and I think he is too talented to disappoint with it like some have in the past (see Wale).

(This is a perfect example of why I am excited)

2. A$AP Rocky– He sounds like he is from the South. He raps about things that Southern rappers rap about. However, he’s from Harlem.  He has charisma.  He has confidence. (Don’t use “swag”, don’t use “swag”, don’t use “swag”)  Honestly I think his best feature as an artist is picking his beats.  I don’t think he is the most talented or creative rapper, but he links up with guys that make the most creative sounds.  That is why he is famous. The verses on “Peso” will do the job, but that is a production hit. A masterpiece.

1. Mr. T – O.G. He is awesome.

I do not get this magazine anymore but I do enjoy this list. I can see a young Bojan still liking it.  I think they do a nice job giving love to those emcees that aren’t the most popular but are the up and coming and extremely talented.  If you look at the list you can see that this genre is not dead. It has some youth and these kids are good.  Enjoy.

Here. – To see the real #1.

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