Throwback Thursday – System of a Down – “Spiders” + Pantera -“Walk”

Last week I was busy going to see one of my favorite famous people in the world, Conan O’Brien (We’re boys) so I didn’t get a chance to do this segment so I have decided to double the dose today. I have been writing about a lot of Hip Hop lately so here is a bit of a change of pace.

First: System of a Down – “Spiders”. 

I loved this band so much because they were so unique.  They had political undertones and then later they had political overtones in their songs.  I will still get into a mood to listen to them.  I give a lot of credit to my brother for purchasing this.  Their self-titled album  truly did blow my mind (and the speakers on our family van). They are talented and I hear making a comeback. Good for them.  Enjoy.

Second: Pantera – “Walk”

I played basketball in my basement on a mini-hoop blaring this song numerous times.  It is simple, straightforward, and raw. Not to mention there is an awesome guitar solo.  I was taking lessons at the time and really wanted to be able to do this type of stuff (I ended up not practicing ever).  I learned then that you can’t be a natural at playing guitar. You have to practice. Rats. Enjoy.

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