JJ Doom – “Banished”

Say what you want about the “Villian”.  Love him, hate him, I don’t care MF Doom is still exciting and unique as a hip hop artist.  I have loved his brand weirdo cartoon super hero/villain rap for years.  He seems to be losing some of his fans and friends because of sending fake Dooms out on concert stages who then are performing to a backing track. Or, just generally being an asshole.

Imagine watching the first guy lip lynch through the whole set and paying $40 to see it.

I have the solution.  I think everyone should just boycott his performances and buy his records.  I am excited about his new project with one of the most underrated producers in the game Jneiro Jarel called Key To The Kuffs which is slated to drop August 21st.  Doom can still rap but has struggled with production when not matched with a major producer like Danger Mouse or Madlib. The producer seem to give him direction, which he doesn’t have when left alone.  This should be good. I’m intrigued. Here is the first single, “Banished”. Enjoy.



  1. excited bout this album, but this song is not doin it for me. doom sucks at the fast rap. still salty about the doomposter too.

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