Bulls Summer League Observations


After watching the Bulls Summer League game against the Portland Trailblazers:  Enjoy

Tony Snell can really play.  He is long, smart, and can shoot. He’s is 6’8 and 200 lbs.  Needs to bulk up.  He gets his hands on a lot of passes and rebounds. When he gets stronger he will be able to get those boards and hold his ground when he gets bumped.  I think he should fit a bench role because he won’t hurt the team and hopefully can hit some shot.  He didn’t shoot well in this game but did a lot of other things well.  Everyone wants to compare him to Kawhi Leonard but I don’t really see it.  Leonard is a better rebounder, more athletic, and can’t shoot as well.  Is it just that they were teammates in high school or is it the 2001 cornrows?

Erik Murphy played well until his nose was broken.  He can’t really move his feet on defense so I doubt he will get a whole bunch of time for Thibs.  He would have to guard a 4 and I don’t think he can.

Marquis Teague still causes problems for people who try to get up in his shorts.  He did hit some 3’s but struggles to get the team into anything.  The best thing is his ability to come off of ball screens and drive.  Still makes way too many turnovers.  The Blazers definitely did not read the scouting report. Or, they were trying to see if CJ McCollum can guard quick.   He failed quite a bit and Teague scored.

CJ McCollum of Portland can play as well.  He is a good scorer and has a nice feel for the game. Sort of slow footed on defense but plays at a nice pace.  Could be the 2 guard for the Blazers.

Overall, summer league is not good basketball.  Most of the time, role players on a regular NBA team dominate.  But, it is interesting to see the new guys and young guys to see how they look.

Also, I hate Carlos Boozer. Good day.

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