Kings vs. Lakers 2002 Rigged Game

That Grantland story just opened up a can of bitter emotions.  If you have ever watched an NBA game and thought, “This game is rigged”. You may be correct.  David Stern is capable just ask  Tim Donaghy. I don’t have to write much about this game.  The video will do most of the explaining. I was Kings fan at the time (I could only root for the Jalen Rose/Marcus Fizer led Bulls to a certain extent).  This game almost made me disown my parents when they kept telling me, “There’s always next year” or “It’s just a game” or “Bojan, put that knife down”.  I will just let you watch this travesty and imagine being a fan. Imagine being devastated.  Imagine being a poor youth with a broken heart. Imagine being Lawrence Funderburke flying through after being clobbered by Shaq, with no whistle blown.  Even Ralph Nader was outraged. The footage is coupled with a Coldplay song…sorry. I hope this doesn’t ruin this beautiful Thursday afternoon.  Enjoy, I guess.