Kings vs. Lakers 2002 Rigged Game

That Grantland story just opened up a can of bitter emotions.  If you have ever watched an NBA game and thought, “This game is rigged”. You may be correct.  David Stern is capable just ask  Tim Donaghy. I don’t have to write much about this game.  The video will do most of the explaining. I was Kings fan at the time (I could only root for the Jalen Rose/Marcus Fizer led Bulls to a certain extent).  This game almost made me disown my parents when they kept telling me, “There’s always next year” or “It’s just a game” or “Bojan, put that knife down”.  I will just let you watch this travesty and imagine being a fan. Imagine being devastated.  Imagine being a poor youth with a broken heart. Imagine being Lawrence Funderburke flying through after being clobbered by Shaq, with no whistle blown.  Even Ralph Nader was outraged. The footage is coupled with a Coldplay song…sorry. I hope this doesn’t ruin this beautiful Thursday afternoon.  Enjoy, I guess.


  1. I forgot how much I hated the Lakers back then. First the Blazers then this series. The Kings got screwed.

  2. Thanks for bringing back those memories and making it feel a lot worse now.. Cant believe this stvar.

  3. “Your league is rigged!” – Mark Cuban, to David Stern, after Game 5 of the 2006 Finals

    Also, David Stern = Vince McMahon with better press, somehow

    1. Here are the last 10 Championship Match-ups. The only one that you could make a case for not having a major market team/star players is 2005.

      This makes a case for the NBA is fixed conversation.

      2001 Los Angeles Lakers 4–1 Philadelphia 76ers
      2002 Los Angeles Lakers 4–0 New Jersey Nets
      2003 San Antonio Spurs 4–2 New Jersey Nets
      2004 Los Angeles Lakers 1–4 Detroit Pistons
      2005 San Antonio Spurs 4–3 Detroit Pistons
      2006 Dallas Mavericks 2–4 Miami Heat
      2007 San Antonio Spurs 4–0 Cleveland Cavaliers
      2008 Los Angeles Lakers 2–4 Boston Celtics
      2009 Los Angeles Lakers 4–1 Orlando Magic
      2010 Los Angeles Lakers 4–3 Boston Celtics
      2011 Dallas Mavericks 4–2 Miami Heat

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