Jay Electronica – “Dear Moleskine”

This is an elite emcee.  I wish he would quit being so weird and just release some more music.  I once saw him live, opening for Nas and Talib Kweli and he definitely held his own.  He started the show laying on the stage floor soaked in water wearing a tank top(wife beater) and no shoes motionless while a young girl did CPR on him like a drowning Hurricane Katrina victim, then got up and just absolutely killed it.  He has been working on a proper studio release for what seems like 10 years.  Here is the Just Blaze produced,  “Dear Moleskine” off of ?Act II: The Patents of Nobility (The Turn)? .  But, who knows it might not be on anything.  Also, here is my favorite song by him, “(The Pledge) Eternal Sunshine” it’s perfect. Enjoy.

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